Our commitment to accessibility

The Web is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of life and we try hard to maintain our site accessible and easy to use for everyone.

This site was created with a very simple navigation structure with three main areas:

  • The first one has the two menu lines, that contains the link to this page and the main menu;
  • The second area correspondes to the content, in some pages the page starts with a banner, the form needs to have javascript enabled;
  • The third area is the footer area, that contains our services, contact link and the web conformance logos.


The web site conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 from the Web Accessibility Initiative, part of the World Wide Web Consortium.

We also used the best practice techniques so that everyone can enjoy the most of our web site no matter the media used to access it.

Help us to improve accessibility

Although there are best practices for Accessibility and tools to measure it, Accessibility also depends on the individual and its background and experience.

If you found any problem accessing our web site please feel free to contact us and tell us how we can improve your experience.