B2B Integration & Optimization

Business-to-business integration is vital to ensure the efficient, accurate and timely flow of information across internal data systems and external trading partners.

We gained significant experience on B2B implementation at various clients, with different levels of requirements.

Our consultants have designed and implemented the full integration of the B2B concept with enterprise backend systems, configured the communication settings for message exchange, delivered end-to-end EDI processing, handled various standards of exchange protocols.

We aim to provide our customers with efficient, dependable and easy-to-maintain solution that uniquely spans the entire supply chain.

By enforcing best practices and a framework approach in the implementation of integration services between the B2B gateway and the backend systems, we provide our customers a set of solutions that allows them the quick integration of new partners or messages.

Provided services

  • Design and implement standards guidelines for integration and communication protocols and partner message exchange;
  • Implement fault tolerant systems and reprocessing capabilities;
  • Provide tracking and auditing facilities to help with business efficiency;
  • Provide optimization and identification of performance bottlenecks.

Projects done

We helped to implement a B2B hub between partners systems and the customer ERP systems at:

  • Austrian Pulp and Paper Company;
  • Finish Pulp and Paper Company;
  • Finish Telecom Company.