Process Implementation & Monitoring

We help our customers to adopt a disciplined approach to identify, design, execute, document, monitor, control, and measure both automated and non-automated business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results within the organization's strategic goals.

Using our collaborative methodology to define, improve, innovate and manage the end-to-end business processes that drive business results, we create value and enable an organization to meet its business objectives with more agility.

We are also backed by a set of partnerships that provides tools to automate process discovery, analysis and monitoring, thus enabling the delivery of improvements in record time.

Provided services

  • Business Process Assessment & Roadmap;
  • Return on Investment Analysis;
  • Process Improvement Consulting;
  • BPM Platforms Advising;
  • Dashboard design and implementation services.

Projects done

  • We designed and implemented the business process that enable the Portuguese public schools choosing and adopting books;
  • We designed and implemented a business process monitoring solution at a major European Bank for their critical-SLA payment transactions on behalf of very large worldwide customers;
  • At a Portuguese Telco Operator we designed and implemented a business monitoring solution for their corporate business.