webMethods Consultancy

Wrightia provides specialized technical consultancy on webMethods platform using proven methodologies used by our consultants, with more than 16 years experience, at our customer's premises or from our Portuguese base, thus helping you achieve:

  • Faster implementation times;
  • Lower project costs;
  • Realize the full potential of the platform.

The provided services are:

Projects done

  • For an Italian Bank we designed their High Availability Architecture for their existing integration platform;
  • At a German manufacturer we helped the optimization of their middleware platform through an Audit and Optimization assessment;
  • For a pharmaceutical company, we provided the implementation and support teams for their webMethods platform in EMEA;
  • For a Dutch bank, we implemented a BPM and BAM platform to automate their payment handling service and KPI so that they could assure the SLA defined with their customers;
  • At an Austrian credit company, a credit scoring and risk evaluation, to improve their market penetration was implemented.

Initiation services

We help you design the best architecture for your business needs, define and implement High availability and Disaster recovery configurations and finally do the installation of the platform.

Although the installation of the platform only occurs once, the migration to new versions of the platform our consultants can assess the impact, propose a road map and execute the migration.

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Delivery services

The focus of delivery services is to design, implement and deploy our solutions into production.

This can be done with end-to-end realization of your business integration projects or just by reinforcement your development teams.

We are inclined to use agile methodologies to allow the delivery in short release cycles, thus increasing quality of the deliveries while getting the end-users involved as soon as possible so that their feedback can be included in future iterations.

Another characteristic of our consultants is that they will follow our Governance process.

If you don't have one Wrightia can help you design and implement one.

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Support services

Our support services are divided into Health check and Platform maintenance.

With Health Check services our consultants do periodically planned services with the goal to detect and correct possible errors in the installed platform, perform platform tuning, apply configuration improvements and update software.

With the Platform maintenance our consultants assure that your production platform will keep running, through maintaining software updates, configuration, tuning. It differs from the Health Check service because it is aimed at solving the unforeseen problems that normally occurs in a production environment as soon as possible, reduce the associated inconveniences to a strict minimum and to detect in advance the root cause of the problems.

These services can be done at our customer's premises, from our base or with a mix of both, depending on the criticality of the service.

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Audit & optimization services

Building for performance is mainly an architectural and design task. The truth is that it is often overlooked, becoming only visible too late in the development life-cycle. That is when a quick and effective auditing of the current implementation, with pragmatic optimization hints both for short term quick-wins as well as long term performance improvements, becomes vital.

Our accumulated knowledge on systems integration, covering from databases to middleware and SAP, from Java code to XML parsing and transformation, from TCP communication to OS, allows us to provide high-end auditing services on heterogeneous environments, identifying existing bottlenecks and suggesting optimizations that can make solutions address better the companies business needs.

Our R&D team concentrated the company knowledge in auditing and created the Service Profiler a specific tool for the webMethods platform that eases the performance audit of integration services during development and test.

However, its value stands out in the production environment. When it collects the necessary statistics, with negligible overhead, it enables pin pointing performance bottlenecks or dead code.

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